( ISSUE 9 )



Hi all you gorgeous babies and sexy sissy's


I have had several telephone call's recently from adult babies asking for advice, Sadly as the recession continues to bite there are more and more inexperienced and ill equipped so called "Nanny's" offering there services. Leaving lot's of bitter and disappointed babies in there wake. Babies who feel they have no way of complaining about the shoddy way they have been treated, they then telephone me asking what I would do if I was in their position, that's a tricky question because I couldn't give a shit what vanilla people think about me and my life choices. But for those men who have wives and family's that they love and adore it's far more difficult if they feel they are being taken advantage of by cynical women who know there clients are in no position to complain they have no recourse. So my advice is simple go on as many forums as you can and just tell your story truthfully! don't embelish or be cruel about genuine ladies who are trying to learn, but if you do feel that you were taken advantage of in a calculating and cynical manner just say it as it was, although before you do I would contact the lady in question and ask her to suggest a way of putting it right, if she's genuine I am sure she'll try to help. If not do what you must!







Miley Cyrus has dressed as an adult baby in her new video BB TALK sparking the rumours that she is living as an adult baby!



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