( ISSUE 4 )



I took one of my sissys for a treat to the seafront for a ride on the carousel and a big pink candy floss a few weeks ago and the naughty girl deliberately wet herself, even after I had told her that she had to be a big girl because she was wearing her brand new satin and lace panties.


Which meant, I am sorry to say I was forced to slap the back of her legs until not only did she cry but to my disgust she wet her knickers again, So I was left with no choice but to take her on a walk of shame back to the nursery, where she was immediately bathed and put back into a nappy after being told she was never going to be allowed to wear big girl panties again, She was put to bed straight after tea without  her favourite tea time treat of a giant Knickerbockerglory ice cream.

Then to further add to her punishment the next morning she was made to parade herself in front of my plumber with her big fat double nappied bottom (padlocked on of course after her performance of the day before because I really didn't feel she could be trusted) big pink frilly knickers and frilly matching bra.

What a pink cheeked sissy baby was muchto the delight of my nannies and I .









Stanley Thornton Jr., America's most prominent Adult Baby, is, in his own words, an open book. He became an internet sensation last year with his first TV appearance on National Geographic's Taboo after the episode featured the 30-year-old drinking from a bottle and getting his diaper changed. Just week's after the show aired, Stanley was investigated for Social Security Fraud. (He was later cleared of all charges.) Almost a year to the day later, Stanley returned to TV on an episode of TLC's nightmare factory, My Crazy Obsession


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