( ISSUE 1 )




What a long drive I had last week, I took the sissy husband that I am training to London to see a special doctor (a real one) to ask for hormonr pills, and we now have several months supply so we can start his tT






The sleepover day arrived

I went to Johnny's house that night

His Mommy open the door

I saw him in diapers alright

His mommy said welcome Wayne

Are you in your diapers yet

If not I can get you ready

Just go to Johnny and sit

I walked over to Johnny

In his diaper who sat there

And his sister Amy was rocking Billy

In the rocking chair

As he drink his bottle

Billy's diaper it did show

All us boys were diapered

We were babies we did know

As Johnny's sister Becky

Who was 14 you see

Was letting Paul play nurse

As she was smiling at me

Her mother was putting my diaper on

Saying your diaper play can start

But you must poop your diaper tonight

And not just fart

Paul startet to laugh

Milk came from his nose

Becky had real milk

She was not faking the story goes

It seems she 8 months along

Baby Paul was gonna be a dad

But that night we were babies

In the diapered fun we had

There we were diapered

To poop and to pee

For mommy's let us stay babies

Forever you do see


Baby Jimmy 2013