I have been feeding up my broken sissy "Jiggle tits" so that he is just like the fat girls he lusts after so much. His thighs rub together his tit's now fit into a "C" cup he has a big fat and arse, yet he is so vain he only wears the most expensive shirts and suits. Well I intend to make sure that he won't fit into them for much longer you see I know he hates what he calls cheap clothes the type we normal people wear so when Fat Jiggle tit's has to shop for plus size clothes he will feel total humiliation and I will fucking LOVE it!!!!!!!!!!!


 I enjoy crushing his vanity on a daily basis


He was once a man and now he is my broken sissy.

Robbed of his manhood trained to subservance & conditioned to my requirements,

Helpless against my control, a girly sissy desperate for my attention and approval.

Dreaming of nappies dummy's & dependance.

I intend to ensure his manhood never returns - He is a weak and needy sissy baby

 and knows exactly who he is and how helpless he is and always will be against my will!!


I make him buy babyfood, milk & rusks for his lunch

He has been trained & conditioned so he only finds sissies and fat girl's attractive. This page is for him to fuel his shame he knows who he is, I intend to show you how trained he is how conditioned he is. He is made to eat oestrogen rich food's to put fat on so he get's a fat girly arse and hip's and of course bra filling tit's I wouldn't want women to pay him attention unless they were laughing at him and of course his cock is useless!!