Hello Baby,


I know how difficult it is being an Adult baby and needing to feel loved, wanted, understood and accepted for who you are. I started my adoption scheme specifically for those adult babies who needed to be part of a family but perhaps due to real life commitments and personal circumstances or even because you don't live in the UK felt visiting our nursery was not always possible or practical. With us you can become the baby you long to be, you will have a loving caring but sometimes strict mummy, you will receive your very own adoption certificate you will also be allocated your own personal nanny while of course still having access to our other nannies when needed. And you can have a one on one chat FREE every month with Myself Mummy Amanda or one of my Nannies, Like all babies toddlers and children you will receive Christmas, Birthday, Valentines & Easter  gifts. You will also be given the opportunity to perform interactive tasks and most importantly I will be there for you whether you have a baby problem or a grown up one. If you would like to join our family feel free to contact me for a chat about your needs.


Love forever and ever

Mummy Amanda xx






If you would like to join Mummy Amanda’s Nursery Adoption Scheme and become a SPECIAL member of our Amandom Family Subscription options.


Our preferred minimum initial subscription is 3 months which is discounted to £97.50 or your adoption can be paid monthly @ £35.00 per month


If you decide you would like to pay monthly on joining our adoption scheme you will not receive your adoption pack until the 2nd month of your adoption


further payment options are

6 months Ł180

Plus you will receive a FREE Mummy Amanda's naughty bedtime story




12 months Ł360.00 less 5%

Plus you will receive a FREE Mummy Amanda's naughty bedtime story



Your initial package will consist of

 your adoption certificate

 welcome Download/CD

 you will also get a 5% family discount

(off full price visits, callbacks & purchases)

 Mummy will also choose you your very own baby name

(if you do not have one already)

 & you will be  given your very own baby email address

 You will then receive 2 emails per month from Mummy

 and 2 emails from your allocated Nanny

A free monthly chat with Mummy or Nanny

 You also will be set interactive tasks

and be eligible to enter Nursery Competitions